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from high content of fresh meat to ultra-stylish packaging

BROOKSFIELD is synonymous with dry and wet food for your beloved pets 

We believe that true happiness of dogs and cats begins with quality nutrition. We are talking about their HEALTH, which can not be replaced even with the strongest and most tender human affection. BROOKSFIELD was built on this very principle. Our brand represents super premium pet food. And it’s not just empty words, but a cold hard fact.

  •   First of all, the majority of ingredients that are used in our recipes are natural, not processed products.

  •  Second, all ingredients and formulations are easy to understand - you will not see any “encrypted” and confusing names.

  •  Third, we use fresh meat in the production of pet food, and the percentage of meat content in our formulas is high - up to 25%.

The experts working on the creation of BROOKSFIELD pet food formulas have at least 20 years of practical experience in this area. They carefully select each ingredient to complement the flavor and be most beneficial for your pet.

Each formulation is well-balanced with all the nutrients necessary for keeping your cat or dog healthy. What is more, BROOKSFIELD’s feed is always being tested before getting launched into production, and all shipments undergo a strict veterinary approval process.

It should be noted that we have taken into account the wishes of pet owners ... It is evidenced by the visual pleasure from the bright and stylish packaging that stands in stark contrast to all common and highlights the product’s high status.

On top of that, it’s very easy to use. You simply open a packet of BROOKSFIELD feed and empty it into a bowl. Two small acts later your pet is fed and ready to thank the loving owner with light in its eyes and tender touch.

The variety of recipes is also important, because cats and dogs as their owners have personal preferences. Therefore, the product line-up of our brand includes:

  • 9 recipes of dry cat food;

  • 7 recipes of dry dog food;

  • 6 recipes of wet cat food;

  • 6 recipes of wet dog food.

These are high-quality multifaceted pet formulas designed with different functions in mind (intended for sterilized cats, small-breed dogs, kittens, etc.).

There is no doubt that you will be able to find the food that your pet will appreciate. And will thank you for it in his own way – by wagging his tail or with a velvety “purr”.

Make your beloved pet truly happy with BROOKSFIELD perfect feeds.


Ingredients are the base of the product’s composition, and the composition is the product itself actually, in this case, it’s a pet food. The main thing in the pet food is its composition (ingredients). This is its "alpha" and "omega". Especially the composition shows product’s quality, naturalness and safe. The composition is the main criterion in determining the level of pet food and its quality. The composition shows whether pet food is made of production waste or natural products were used for its manufacturing. For BROOKSFIELD recipes, we use natural ingredients to achieve truly balanced, healthy and delicious nutrition for your pet.

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For cats

Professional range of fodders for cats of different ages with different meat content. This is an example of text for a section for cats.


For dogs

Professional range of fodders for dogs of different ages with different meat content. This is an example of text for a section for dogs.


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Are there zip locks on all your packages, even 12kg bags?

Answer: Yes, absolutely right.

Do BROOKSFIELD foods belong to the holistic category?

Answer: No. This is not a holistic feed.

Are BROOKSFIELD foods hypoallergenic?

Answer: The range includes both standard formulations intended for animals that do not suffer from allergies, as well as hypoallergenic feed formulations. Hypoallergenic foods are marked on the front packaging with the corresponding inscription HYPOALLERGENIC.

What class does BROOKSFIELD food belong to?

Answer: BROOKSFIELD is a super premium food.

What formulations are included in the range of dry dog food?

Answer: For puppies of all breeds on beef, for adult dogs of all breeds on chicken, lamb and beef, for adult dogs of small breeds on duck and for adult dogs of large breeds on chicken.

What formulations are included in the range of dry cat food?

Answer: For kittens on chicken, for adult cats on beef and chicken, for overweight or neutered cats on beef and chicken, for adult cats with controlled stomach hairballs on beef, for adult cats living indoors on turkey. , for adult cats of medium and large sizes on beef, for adult cats (PH control) on turkey.

Is your food safe for spayed animals?

Answer: Yes. But we would recommend using our Light/Sterilized Cat recipe as the most suitable for such animals.

Do the pellets of different types of feed of your brand vary in size?

Answer: Oh sure. For small breed dogs and puppies, the pellets are small, for adult dogs of all breeds, the larger ones, and for dogs and puppies of large breeds, the pellets are the largest.

What is the shelf life of your food?

Answer: 18 months

How is BROOKSFIELD different from other foods in the same segment?

Answer: The most important difference is the use of fresh meat in all BROOKSFIELD feed formulations, as well as the absence of ingredients such as corn, wheat, soy, GMOs and artificial antioxidants.

What is the range of BROOKSFIELD foods?

Answer: The BROOKSFIELD range includes dry food: 9 recipes for cats and 6 recipes for dogs; wet food: 12 recipes for cats and 4 recipes for dogs of all breeds of 400 g and 2 recipes for dogs of small breeds of 200 g.

Where is your food produced?

Answer: Dry food brand BROOKSFIELD made in Italy, wet food for cats BROOKSFIELD - in Germany, wet coma for dogs  ;BROOKSFIELD - in Poland. Immediately after the production of feed at the manufacturer packed in the final package and come to Russia ready for sale.

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